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...because it's my community and i can.... [27 Dec 2008|02:09pm]

[ mood | BEYOND PROUD <3 ]

my very dear friend Kota is making a dvd about the real life supernatural/paranormal. read for more details and please support him if you can! and feel free to post this around! he puts his whole heart into everything he does and i know this documentary is gonna be AMAZING! he's gonna do SOOOO many incredible things in his life and you can say you heard of him here first!


The fundraiser for "exPARAment Productions" Presents its debut documentary! The first in the series will be held at THE MYRTLES PLANTATION, the 2nd Most Haunted House and the reputed World's Most Haunted Plantation!

Please help us get the word out! Re-post this bulletin! Sign-up! Be a part of the ground-breaking series produced by Dakota Lawrence! We have to raise 1100.
00 more dollars by January 8th! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Below is even more information on what all you get by becoming a sponsor of the film!

Let the fundraising begin! Thank you for all your support!

-Dakota Lawrence


WORDS suck

Kurt's Birthday [20 Feb 2005|05:37pm]


these have been posted before, but oh wellCollapse )

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question re: the box set [27 Nov 2004|02:46pm]
i'm really sick and am not up to googling, searching, etc. i got the box set, and one song i've been specifically dying to hear for months is the one with the lyrics "i'll just sit and grin/and the money will roll right in". is it on the box set? i can't find it. :(

i d/l it a few years ago and it's stuck on my old computer, where it will probably stay unless i feel like trying to get into that thing (huge mess- power button broken, in terrible shape, probably full of malware, etc).


ps: haven't read friends list in a long time- sorry if on the off chance this has been addressed previously.
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[09 Nov 2004|04:20pm]

Sorry, havent updated in a while--havent really had anything to update. :/ bad bad mod *slaps self*

So are you gonna buy the boxset?! Yes?! No?! If no, then why not?!

And does the whore get the money or does Dave and Krist get it?!
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[01 Sep 2004|12:02am]


Lately I have become or at least I have tried to become a better Christian. And so with that said, I'm making a public apology to anyone I have ever fought with/said something against/hurt their feelings, etc. I hope everyone will accept my apology. If I havent ever done anything to you, then this entry is not for you :). Thanks.

God Bless.
~Til Christ Comes

Crossposted to all my communities.

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[29 Aug 2004|10:49pm]


I got this from a friend of mine a while ago [he in no way, shape, form or fashion claims for his journal to actually be Kurt Cobain...thats just the name of his journal cause he has a lot of info about him on there.] Pardon the punctuation. I myself dont talk like this, but this is my friends' writing. But I do agree with his points. I might have posted this before, but I cant remember. My apologies if I have.


How it is impossible that Kurt killed himselfCollapse )

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[28 Aug 2004|07:20pm]


Crossposted to hairmetal_babes, </span>kurt_lives_on, </span>rejected_icons, and </span>real_music.</span>

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[27 Jun 2004|11:58pm]



Thanks again to starrygirl604 for this!


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[04 Jun 2004|08:12pm]
More than a decade after the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, residents in Aberdeen, Washington, have finally decided to commemorate the life and accomplishments of the most famous musician to surface from their tiny city.

On May 13, the eight members of the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee held a meeting at Aberdeen City Hall to discuss how to best pay tribute to Cobain. About 25 members of the public showed up to throw around ideas, which included erecting a sign on the bluff of East Aberdeen that pointed out Cobain was born in Aberdeen; building a commemorative park in or near the downtown area that would include a graffiti wall; and creating a Cobain youth center focusing on music and art.

Members of the committee and the Aberdeen City Council are looking at two privately owned parks that could be developed into a memorial. Earlier this year, they considered changing the name of North Aberdeen Park near the Wishkah River to Kurt Cobain Memorial Park. The river was immortalized in the 1996 live Nirvana album, From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah.

Committee projects to pay tribute to Cobain will be funded through private donations. Donations to the Kurt Cobain Memorial Project are presently being accepted at all branches of the Bank of the Pacific.

Members of the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee include Cobain's grandfather Leland Cobain, Aberdeen City Council member Paul Fritts and the arts and entertainment editor of the local paper The Daily World, Jeff Burlingame.

The population of Aberdeen is around 16,500, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.


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[31 May 2004|05:28pm]



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[24 May 2004|01:07am]
Does anyone know where I can get ahold of the lyrics for the songs on the Outcesticides. Most are versions of popular songs but earlier and with different lyrics.
I've been searching for forever and a day and found nothing.
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[03 May 2004|11:34am]
[ mood | curious ]

I have an honest to bob question, no drama intended.

Okay honestly, who in here has read Cobain's journals and not felt like they were totally going against his wishes seeing as how he WAS a private person and by buying/reading/recommending them, you are just going along with what Courtney Love's plan is, to snare people in to sheling out big bucks for somethnig that Kurt Cobain would never allow to be published?

Am I the only one that can consider herself a fan because she listens to the music, or in this big record industry world, do I have to hell out the big bucks to buy every peice of merchandise with the man's face plastered all over it just to say I have it?

I honestly feel like someone is twisting a knife in my gut when I see his journals sitting in the bookstores for 30% off and it kills me more when people tell em that if I "really want to understand him" I should read heavier than heaven nd the journals, both of which were overly endorsed and practically written /directed by miss love herself. If you want to truly understand kurt, listen to the fricken music.


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courtney on david letterman [25 Apr 2004|01:06am]
[ mood | distressed ]

did anyone else catch this? my mom taped it for me 'cause she thought i'd want to see it.

courtney is such a fucking hag. disgusting. i only saw part of it, but 5 minutes was enough. plus the "singing". gah. she sounded like SHIT!!! that's what happens when she actually produces her own music, and doesn't have billy corgan to write it for her.

the whole thing disgusted me. i cannot believe anyone in their right mind would buy her cd.

btw, my copy of "love and death" came a few days ago, but i haven't had the nerve to read it yet, because i've not been in a mood to be pissed off/sad, which i know this book will make me.


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[24 Apr 2004|10:45pm]


Save/comment/credit :)

Btw bought Love and Death today. Matt asked the lady at Waldenbooks if they had it and she showed him the last copy and said "So who killed him?" and I said "Courtney hired someone" and she said "Yeah thats what I think too." I wanted to hug her!!

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[16 Apr 2004|10:45pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Okay this worries me ......*ponders* What do y'all think?

KURT COBAIN Biopic In The Works - Apr. 16, 2004

The WB Network is developing an original movie about late NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The network has obtained the rights to Charles Cross' 2001 book "Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain". Robert Munic ("They Call Me Sir") has been commissioned to write the script for the untitled film, which could get a primetime berth as early as next season.

"The day Kurt Cobain died was the day the music died for a generation," said Tana Nugent Jamieson, senior VP of the WB's new longform original programming unit. "His story is perfect for our audience."

No casting or director is attached.

The film will trace Cobain's life from his troubled youth near Seattle to his pioneering role in the emergence of the grunge music genre as the lead singer and guitarist of NIRVANA.

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