kittycat33 (kittycat33) wrote in kurt_lives_on,

question re: the box set

i'm really sick and am not up to googling, searching, etc. i got the box set, and one song i've been specifically dying to hear for months is the one with the lyrics "i'll just sit and grin/and the money will roll right in". is it on the box set? i can't find it. :(

i d/l it a few years ago and it's stuck on my old computer, where it will probably stay unless i feel like trying to get into that thing (huge mess- power button broken, in terrible shape, probably full of malware, etc).


ps: haven't read friends list in a long time- sorry if on the off chance this has been addressed previously.
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I looked it up and it popped up as You Know You're Right, but thats not a line in the song...unless that was an unrealeased version...
agh! wow- i don't remember it sounding like "you know you're right". it's interesting, the version of ykyr on the box set sounds like he's saying "free" and "me"; definitely not "paaaaaaaiiiiiiiin".
just an fyi- a friend told me this: It's a cover of a Fang song called "The Money Will Roll Right In". It was never recorded in a studio or released, though Mudhoney DID release a cover version of it.