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...because it's my community and i can....

my very dear friend Kota is making a dvd about the real life supernatural/paranormal. read for more details and please support him if you can! and feel free to post this around! he puts his whole heart into everything he does and i know this documentary is gonna be AMAZING! he's gonna do SOOOO many incredible things in his life and you can say you heard of him here first!


The fundraiser for "exPARAment Productions" Presents its debut documentary! The first in the series will be held at THE MYRTLES PLANTATION, the 2nd Most Haunted House and the reputed World's Most Haunted Plantation!

Please help us get the word out! Re-post this bulletin! Sign-up! Be a part of the ground-breaking series produced by Dakota Lawrence! We have to raise 1100.
00 more dollars by January 8th! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Below is even more information on what all you get by becoming a sponsor of the film!

Let the fundraising begin! Thank you for all your support!

-Dakota Lawrence

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