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The Legend, The Man, Kurt Cobain Lives On

Its not the same without you...

WORDS suck. I mean everything has been said
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No this is not a teeny bopper crappy community. I just love and respect Kurt Cobain. I did when he was alive, I do now.
This is a closed community. Leave a comment on hearts_stars_xo on the Friends Only entry if you wanna be added. AND ALL entries are moderated by me. If I dont like or agree with something you have to say, guess what? I'll reject it. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm sick and tired of everyone going off on somebody because they believed Kurt was murdered. News flash all you idiots who think it was a suicide. Guess WHAT??? It was MURDER. If you dont agree with that, please dont ask me to join. From now on, if you leave me a comment asking to join, please state whether you think its murder or suicide. If you say the latter, I will NOT add you. If you're already a member, and you try to post an entry that disagrees with me [remember it gets sent to me first], or even a comment that I dont agree with, I'll ban you. That is all.

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Learn the Truth

Suicide or Murder?

*note* Ask me if you want to join, and I'll add you to the allow list. Also, all entries must be approved by me first to ensure that none of the rules are being broken. I hate to do this, but I'm having to because a member abused this community and I didnt appreciate the post they made, so now all posts are moderated by me. Just no Kurt bashing or Courtney loving and I'll post your entry. Thats not too harsh, right?

This is a tribute to the one, the only, the late, great, most influential, most inspirational rock legend that ever lived, Mr. Kurt Donald Cobain.

I'm not trying to be mean with these rules, but I must warn you, Kurt Cobain is my hero and I will not stand for any Kurt bashing or Courtney loving or talk about his "suicide". I am not saying Courtney did it. I'm saying she hired someone before to kill him and her second attempt on his life was a success. You can talk about his death. Of course that is inevitable, but please don't say he killed himself. I strongly disagree and I don't wanna hear it!

1.] You MUST love Kurt Cobain. If anyone says anything even remotely derogatory towards him, you will be kicked off this community and I will personally make your worst nightmare come true! NO ONE bashes my hero and gets away with it!

2.] Do NOT under ANY circumstance whatsover say ANYthing good about Courtney Love. I will not allow that in my community!

3.] Please feel free to post your ideas on how his death REALLY happened. Post links to sites and quotes, etc. But do not try to tell me he killed himself, cause I wont listen! And I might even just kick you off this community! Think I wont? Try me!

4.] So basically, you just have to love Kurt and hate Courtney. Simple enough right?

And the most important rule of all [and I'm liable to ban you if you dont follow it!]