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I have an honest to bob question, no drama intended.

Okay honestly, who in here has read Cobain's journals and not felt like they were totally going against his wishes seeing as how he WAS a private person and by buying/reading/recommending them, you are just going along with what Courtney Love's plan is, to snare people in to sheling out big bucks for somethnig that Kurt Cobain would never allow to be published?

Am I the only one that can consider herself a fan because she listens to the music, or in this big record industry world, do I have to hell out the big bucks to buy every peice of merchandise with the man's face plastered all over it just to say I have it?

I honestly feel like someone is twisting a knife in my gut when I see his journals sitting in the bookstores for 30% off and it kills me more when people tell em that if I "really want to understand him" I should read heavier than heaven nd the journals, both of which were overly endorsed and practically written /directed by miss love herself. If you want to truly understand kurt, listen to the fricken music.

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