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I got this from a friend of mine a while ago [he in no way, shape, form or fashion claims for his journal to actually be Kurt Cobain...thats just the name of his journal cause he has a lot of info about him on there.] Pardon the punctuation. I myself dont talk like this, but this is my friends' writing. But I do agree with his points. I might have posted this before, but I cant remember. My apologies if I have.


"Yes, she loved Kurt SO much, infact, that she offered a fat old man going by the nickname of El Duce $50,000 to kill him. Face it, her love turned to greed. When Hole turned out to be.. well, suckass, and Nirvana reigned supreme, she wanted his money.

Not to mention that she's an insanely jealous money grubbing whore that slept with someone else three weeks after Kurt's death.

I also find it interesting that:

#1 - All photos of the crime scene were destroyed.

#2 - The case was turned over to Courtney less than a month after his death, whereas it's not supposed to be turned over to another party until AFTER a month

#3 - First thing she did was tear down the greenhouse. Obvious, yes, that you'll say that "well, she did it because it was too painful". Okay, sure, but why was it torn down so quick? No mourning process..

Oh fuck, you guys got me started.. here we go.

#4 - There was a stool by the greenhouse door, indicating that Kurt could've been watching over the property.

#5 - Kurt carried a remington shotgun up there with him with 22 spare shells. If I have a reminton shotgun, I don't plan to miss myself 21 times.. it's obvious that something else was up.

#6 - Kurt had a friend get the shotgun for him. The "suicide" occured two weeks after the transaction.. so in the period of two weeks, the shotgun went from the store, to his friend, to Kurt, to the house, and to the greenhouse. It was obviously loaded, since a round was fired.. but why was there not one fingerprint on the gun? It was obviously cleaned.

#7 - The shell ejection chamber of the Shotgun was turned up, which would've placed the shell to the right of Kurt's head.. why was it all the way against the left wall, on his jacket?

#8 - His credit card was being used until the day he was found dead. Transactions occured on the 5th (the day he supposedly died), the 6th and the 8th. I find that fairly interesting.

#9 - In order for Kurt to pull the trigger, since he was laying down, he'd need to pull it with his toe. However, when found, his hair was neatly combed, his shoes were on, and they were tied tight.

#10 - The amount of Heroin in his body, at the time, was "three times the amount to kill an addict instantly". He would've been dead before he pulled the needle out. He wouldn't of had time to take the needle out, roll down his sleeves, lay down, comb his hair, and then shoot himself.

#11 - Courtney's publicist said that Courtney was in LA for no specific reason. Coincidence? Nope.

I'll tell you exactly what I THINK happened. You can laugh at me, I don't care, this is my theory:

Kurt had just escaped, so he was paranoid. He caught on that Courtney was trying to kill him. It wasn't the first time she'd tried. Paranoid, he got a friend to buy him the gun. He carried the gun, his needles, the shells, etc, up to the Greenhouse, a place that few people knew about.

Kurt sat the stool in front of the door so he could overlook the property. The shotgunw as already loaded. His stomach started acting up again, so he loaded some heroin into the needle and injected himself.. however, since he was in so much pain, he accidentally overloaded it and collapsed into a drug-induced coma.

Courtney, becoming increasingly upset about her failed attempts, informs whoever she hires about the greenhouse. The lock on the greenhouse is a simple twist-and-turn lock. The guy goes in, sees Cobain, fixes the stuff up, pulls the trigger.. places the shotgun shell over near the suicide note, cleans off the gun, places a second version of the note (which, by the way, the note is about him leaving music. Read it. It mentions NOTHING of his suicide until the last four lines, NONE of which look like his handwriting), then happily whistles as he opens the door, twists the lock, and closes the door.

The Seattle PD arrives. It's a close and shut case. The guy's on the floor, shotgun on his chest. Looks like a suicide, so it must be.

However, another note that I find interesting - A few months after his death, a band member in Hole, a girl that Kurt described as "fucking beautiful", was found dead in the same way as Kurt was. Hmm.. two people close to Courtney found dead in almost the same manner..

Oh, and the lead cop working the case was mysteriously killed in July 1994."

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